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13 Best Gifts for Tour Guides in 2022

13 Best Gifts for Tour Guides in 2022

A good tour guide can be the difference between a boring and an immensely exciting excursion. If you have a tour guide friend, relative, or acquaintance, you can appreciate their efforts by presenting them with a gift from the options below.

In my opinion, becoming a tour guide is one of the best occupations for travel enthusiasts.

The job easily lets you stay connected to your favorite destinations.

What’s more, you even get to impart your passion for travel to fellow tourists.

However, that doesn’t mean the job does not require any hard work or commitment.

On the contrary, tour guides are usually on their feet for hours, not to mention bearing the responsibility of large groups of foreign travelers.

If you know a tour guide, you love and appreciate or just someone from your friends and family, you can extend them a gift to show your feelings.

This list of tour guide gifts will help you get brilliant gift ideas for tour guides based on the occasion and your budget.

Best Gifts for Tour Guides

Tour guides are literal lifesavers when it comes to traveling to exotic destinations with friends and family.

While some people would avoid hiring them to save money, not getting the right tour guide may spoil your entire vacation in some cases.

If you love traveling to foreign countries to explore their natural artifacts and man-made monuments, you have probably met numerous tour guides by now.

Besides that, you might also have someone from this prestigious occupation among friends and family.

So, do you want to gift them something they’ll love and use on the job?

Check out this list of funny, productive, and personalized gifts for tour guides before finalizing your decision. So let’s get started.

Portable Voice Amplifier

One of the most important factors for guiding a tour group effectively is to make sure everyone can hear you.

A set of misheard instructions can cause misconceptions and confusion among tour groups. Also, one or two members want every word to be repeated, adding up to the group’s total tour duration.

That’s why voice amplifiers make the perfect gifts for tour guides who are tired of repeating themselves and managing their groups on the job.

This portable speaker and voice amplifier by WinBridge is a high-quality product to enhance your friend’s volume effectively.

WinBridge WB001 Portable Voice Amplifier

The personal speaker projects the sound waves it captures across the room. This way, your friend can lead small to medium groups without straining his voice all day.

Most importantly, the speaker has some accessible features that make it easy to use. For example, the microphone shaped in a flexible gooseneck design fits right around the neck for easy access.

Similarly, it comes with a belt strap to be easily attached to the waist when not in use. Moreover, the rechargeable battery can last around 5-8 hours when fully charged.

For those looking for high-end Christmas gifts for tour guides, this is the ideal option to go for.

Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat

Wide Brim Sun Protect Hat for Tour Guides

If you don’t want to stretch your budget too far when buying good gifts for tour guides, this wide brim sun protection hat is a great option. Thanks to Hollywood, whenever we picture an outdoor tour guide, he usually wears a large-brimmed khaki-colored hat.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your friend, relative, or favorite tour guide, this hat is something they’ll love to use.

Apart from looking classy and appealing, this hat provides reliable sun protection for tour guides who spend most of their day outside.

Especially if they’re going through National Parks or crossing water bodies, this lightweight hat is a must-have at all times.

Some of the attractive features of this hat include an adjustable chin strap and two eyelets on both sides. These factors ensure that the hat stays in place during harsh weather and remains breathable.

Moreover, the high-quality materials are durable and portable. So, your friend can fold the hat up when it’s not in use and store it away for later.

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Short-Sleeve Shirt

Another signature part of a tour guide’s attire, as stereotyped by popular movies, is the short-sleeved khaki shirt.

If your tour guide friend loves wearing this traditional article, he can never have enough shirts to go by.

Tour Guide Gift Short Sleeves Tshirt

This short-sleeved shirt by Columbia Men is an affordable and good-quality gift item for tour guides. Made out of 100% cotton with a front button closure, the shirt ensures a perfect fit that’s comfortable for everyday use.

I loved this shirt because it provides UPF 30 sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. This makes it a must-have item for tour guides who spend most of their days taking groups on outdoor excursions.

Besides that, the light khaki color also protects against long-term skin damage and sunburns.

Another attractive aspect is its accessibility. The shirt has convertible sleeves, four handy pockets at the chest, and a loop for holding rods and other essentials.

These features let your tour guide friend prepare quickly for the arduous excursions ahead of him.

Most importantly, the material is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect clothing item for active individuals.

How to be a Tour Guide: The Essential Training Manual for Tour Managers and Tour Guides

How to be a tour guide

If you’re searching for tour guide gift ideas for avid readers, this is the right gift to go for. ‘How to be a Tour Guide’ is a comprehensive guide that can help aspiring tour guides achieve their dreams.

Similarly, if you know tour guides willing to sharpen their saws and like to spend their time reading, this book is highly resourceful. Written by Nick Manning, an expert in social policy with a love for traveling, the book defines how to become a tour guide loved by tourists.

Along with his discourses on acquiring the job you love, Manning has also included practical advice from other experts in the field. Together, they help you figure out where to get started with your career, how to organize your first tour, and what you’ll face out there.

Furthermore, the book also includes resourceful information for established tour guides. This includes devising online marketing strategies, adding value to your proposals, creating good first impressions, and controlling large groups.

Additionally, the book has some funny anecdotes and references that make it a fun read beyond the practical guides and instructions. Altogether, books like these would make great gifts for new tour guides and established ones alike.

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Durable Leather Flip Flops

There’s nothing like a reliable pair of flip-flops for those who go for outdoor excursions on an everyday basis. But, unfortunately, tour guides working on natural tourism sites can face unpredictable weather conditions on the job.

M Voya Flip Flops Leather

That’s why you should consider these durable leather flip-flops if you want to buy cool gifts for tour guides. Constructed out of robust leather with a synthetic outsole, the footwear is solid and lightweight at the same time.

This means your tour guide friend can carry them with him if he faces rainy weather without worrying about the extra weight.

Besides that, the polyester upper webbing is formulated to dry up quickly even if it gets wet. This ensures comfortable long-term wear even during adverse weather conditions.

Most importantly, the flip-flops have a cushioned top sole making them ideal for long walking sessions. The best part is, they are pretty affordable and productive at the same time, so you can go easy on your pocket while buying the gift.

Outdoor Digital LED Watch

Time is of utmost importance when it comes to organizing tours. If you’re guiding people through a museum, you’ll need to keep track of the opening and closing times to make sure you don’t miss any of the attractions.

Similarly, if you’re guiding them through canyons or hiking trails, timings are crucial for making the most out of specific viewpoints. That’s why this high-tech LED digital watch by Fanmis is a great gift option for tour guides.

Fanmis Mens Multifunction Digital LED Watch

Apart from accurately telling the time, the multipurpose watch also displays the date and has a reliable in-built stopwatch. Similarly, your friend can use it to set alarms, reminders, and other alerts to stay on track while guiding a tour group.

Furthermore, the watch is entirely waterproof and shock-resistant, making it ideal for rigorous, long-term wear. Also, the comfortable heavy-duty band strap puts minimal stress on the wearer even if they use it all day.

Another appealing aspect is the 7-color LED backlight on the watch screen. You can customize the colors and view the display clearly in minimally-lit areas. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, it is ideal for those looking for unique gifts for tour guides.

Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

Tour guides spend most of their time on their feet, guiding groups through museums, castles, and even cave formations. With one group quickly following the other, tour guides have to carry their essential belongings to sustain themselves throughout the day.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS100 3 Liter Anti Theft Shoulder Bag

In this case, this anti-theft shoulder bag from the Pacsafe Store is one of the best gifts for tour guides. The bag is constructed of robust cut-proof materials reinforced with lockable zippers that keep their belongings safe.

This way, they can be concern-free even when ignoring their bag hanging on their shoulders in crowded areas.

Besides that, the minimalist bag can fit all their daily essentials such as wallets, ID cards, keys, smartphones, and tablets. It has three interior slip compartments and one exterior zipper pocket to store quick-access items.

Most importantly, the bag is made out of high-quality nylon and polyester. These materials make the bag completely waterproof, ideal for use during adventurous outdoor excursions.

Moreover, it comes at an affordable price range, and the brand offers a 5-year warranty for reassurance.

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Tour Guide Appreciation Mug

Appreciation mug gifts for tour guides

For those seeking funny gifts for tour guides, this appreciation mug is the ultimate option. Who doesn’t love drinking coffee and tea throughout the day? Even if you don’t know much about the tour guide you’re shopping for, a customized mug is the safest option.

The mug features a hilarious pun printed on it that says, ‘Yoda Best Tour Guide,’ accompanied by a picture of baby Yoda. By giving this small token, you can show your appreciation to the unique tour guide in your life while putting a smile on their face.

The message is printed on both sides of the mug. This means your friend can flaunt the bold statement whether they drink from the right or left hand.

Furthermore, the mug is made out of high-quality ceramic, which is microwave and dishwasher-friendly. This ensures that it lasts your friend long-term with hassle-free maintenance.

The best part is, the mug comes pre-packed in a presentable box. So, you don’t have to worry about packing the gift before giving it to your favorite tour guide.

Language Translation Device

Meeting people from various countries and ethnicities is a part of a tour guide’s job. So if you’re willing to spend big bucks on a gift for your tour guide friend, this Youdao language translation device is a great option.

Youdao Language Translation Device

A tourist group usually includes people from multiple nationalities, due to which a tour guide’s explanation can get lost in translation. This quick translation device works as an electronic dictionary and translates every word you scan into it within seconds.

The device can scan written words from multi-media gadgets like smartphones, paper, digital screens, labels, and even wooden surfaces.

If your tour guide friend comes across people who don’t comprehend his language, they can simply ask them to write their queries down and scan them into the translator. The device will translate the content within seconds in a clear, audible voice with the correct accent of your choice.

Moreover, if your friend completes all the settings beforehand, the device can even work without any internet support. Additionally, it has a sleek pen-shaped portable design built with high-quality materials perfect for outdoor use.

Eye-Catching LED Cap

Eye-catching LED Cap

Keeping the group together and giving out explicit instructions is essential for taking tours through historical sites and natural destinations. If your tour guide friend has a good sense of humor, the eye-catching LED cap can quickly help him keep the group together at all times.

The cap can be connected to any smartphone through Bluetooth. After that, you can customize the message on the cap’s LED panel through Bluetooth settings.

While anyone can use this cap to signify their moods and feelings, it can be highly productive for tour guides. They can spell out instructions such as ‘turn right,’ ‘stay close,’ and even declare themselves as a ‘tour guide’ using the cap.

This way, it becomes easier for group members to locate their tour guide during outdoor excursions and follow his instructions. When fully charged, the cap can work for around ten hours at a stretch.

Moreover, it is made out of 100% cotton and is integrated with sturdy button closure at the back to ensure long-term comfort.

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Tour Guide Wireless Transmitter

A wireless transmitter is one of the best gifts for new tour guides. This enables them to communicate with other tour guides in the vicinity to provide flawless services to tourist groups.

Retekess T130 Wireless Tour Guide Transmitter

If you’re willing to spend a large sum on a gift for your friend on his new tour guide job, this FCC-certified wireless transmitter by Retekess is the right choice.

The device offers flawless wireless communication to reduce a tour guide’s workload effectively.

Furthermore, it can support around 99 different channels. This means 99 groups operating in the same vicinity can easily communicate to tackle any problems or mishaps during the tour.

Additionally, it provides coverage at a radius of 197 miles and 95 miles with obstacles for a clear static-free sound. The device itself has a 900mAh lithium battery that works for hours at a stretch when fully charged.

Similarly, the transmitter microphone can be easily hung on the user’s neck to keep his hands free during operation. Also, it is built with a lightweight and compact design to make it easy to carry and operate during outdoor activities.

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Stimulated Massage Therapy Tool

Imagine spending all your day roaming with huge crowds around rugged natural destinations or jam-packed tourist attractions. It does sound exciting, but it can get quite tiring as a daily routine.

Stimulated Massage Therapy Tool

If your favorite tour guide faces severe body pain and sore feet after a long day at work, there’s no better gift for them than this stimulated massage therapy tool by OMRON.

The sleek and compact device works wonders to find the suitable pain relief method for various body parts and provide customized treatment.

Your friend can use the control panel to switch the settings to six different body pain modes.

These include the shoulders, lower back, feet, legs, and joints. Also, they can choose massage techniques from rubbing, tapping, and kneading therapies.

After selecting the required settings, all they have to do is adjust the self-adhesive pads to the affected area and relax. The cutting-edge technology of the massager blocks pain signals to the site and increases blood circulation.

This ultimately makes the body develop adequate pain responses to provide instant relief. Each of these pads can be used around 150 times. Additionally, the LED control panel is intuitive and easy to use for beginners.

10-in-1 Survival Gear Kit

Outdoor tour guides never know what they might have to combat in the wilderness. But, unlike hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, tour guides must also be concerned about the people with them on the trip.

Handy Survival gear kit

That’s why this handy survival gear kit makes my list for the ideal gifts for tour guides. The kit includes ten different survival tools that can come in handy during emergencies.

These include a survival knife, tactical pen, bottle clip, whistle, blow fire tube, and a fire blanket, among other products.

Most importantly, the kit is lightweight and compact, so your tour guide friend can easily carry it around without much extra strain.

Even if they don’t face any emergencies while taking outdoor trips with tour groups, these survival tools can still come in handy. In addition, tour guides can teach essential survival techniques to adults and children in their groups for an immersive tourism experience.

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